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I'm Beth,

a midwesterner in search of waves and conscious methods of travel. Curiosity leading me each step of the way.

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I'm a vitamin sea addict learning to find happiness in the pursuit. I love roller-coasters and pickles (not together though). I still build forts. Design and music are my medicine. I'm usually in a handstand. I will listen to you. I need purpose behind my work.

My favorite place is underwater.

A sea-friendly traveler

Do you remember when Lilo swam through the sparkling Hawaiian waters and gave Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich? That's what I wanted to do when I grew up. So I spent my free time traveling to the ocean and set out to volunteer on coasts around the world. 


It wasn't until recently, that I began to fully understand the role that travel and tourism played in the degradation of our planet and people - with their single use plastics, strain on natural resources and exploitation of local culture. Our fast food, fast travel, fast fashion culture is a large polluter and contributor to the ocean's rising temperature, which in turn is killing Pudge. NOT COOL. 

So how could I chase my saltwater dreams without being an accomplice in these acts of violence? Thus my mission to become a conscious, sea-friendly traveler began.







My goal is to find sustainable and ethical attractions, foods, services and methods of travel without sacrificing any of the fun. (and then share them all with you!) My hopes are that this blog serves as a learning resource for nomads, travelers, and even just the occasional vacationer! I want to hear you're experiences and what you think are vital issues to tackle as an activist and traveler.


So welcome, explore and share!

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